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Nashville Tornado 2020

Last night, Middle Tennessee was hit with a devastating tornado. Many of our homes and businesses were damaged or entirely destroyed as the storm ripped through the community. Today our hearts go out to all those that were affected by the storm. Those of us lucky to avoid a direct hit still woke to no power. Even at lunch time, first responder sirens were still screaming by my home in downtown Nashville. The images flooding social media are hard to look at, messy, not what people tend to want to see on an Instagram feed. We have friends in the hospitality community that have lost everything. But the reality is we are a resilient community that is waking up out of the rubble that will band together to rebuild Music City.


As news reports hit the airwaves across the country this morning, friends and family began to check in. Next we started to hear from visitors to the city with trips planned to our hotel clients - "Should we still come to Nashville for our business/weekend getaway/wedding trip?"  The answer, as always, is a resounding yes. Come to Nashville. Continue with your plans. Stay in the hotels and eat in our restaurants. We need your support more than ever during this time of rebuilding. Nashville has seen tough times in the past - the 2010 flood, the 2006 tornado in Hendersonville, the tornado or 1998 that hit downtown Nashville to name a few, and we have come out of those stronger. And we WILL do it again.


If a visit to Nashville is not on your horizon, there are ways that you or your company can help:

  1. Music City Inc. Foundation: The Nashville CVC is collecting funds through their foundations with donations to be distributed to families immediately affected by the storm. Donate here OR email donate@visitmusiccity.com for more  information.

  2. Community Foundation's Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund: Donate Here

  3. Hands On Nashville: If you have a business in Nashville, please mobilize them to volunteer through Hands On Nashville - https://www.hon.org/

  4. American Red Cross: The American Red Cross is accepting donations of water, clean towels, blankets and catered food (they do NOT need clothing, dog food or cat food). More information can be found here.

While many of us count ourselves lucky as the sun sets on Nashville today, there are many in our hospitality community that have damaged buildings and lost businesses. Thank you for the outpouring of messages and concern we have received today. We will rebuild. We are strong. We are Nashville. We are #NashvilleStrong.

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