The Agency

Kurtz Hospitality Marketing is a full service hospitality consulting firm, specializing in Hotel and Restaurant Consulting, Sales & Marketing, Management, and Business Development solutions. We bring together all aspects of hotel and restaurant operations, sales, marketing, and public relations under one roof so our clients are able to look to one place for the answer.

We take pride in executing multi-layered approaches to advancing competitive market share and growing revenue potential for our clients. As industry leaders with more than 35 years of combined success across the hospitality industry, the Kurtz Hospitality Marketing team offers executive level experience for your hotel, restaurant or brand.

Executive Team

Janet Kurtz
President & CEO, Kurtz Hospitality Marketing

As a twenty-two year veteran of the hospitality industry, Janet has helped her clients navigate everything from openings and launches to complete rebuilding of their brands. From the early days at a small historic home, to cutting her teeth in sales at anderbilt-hotel">Loews Vanderbilt Hotel and ultimately creating an illustrious career as the Director of Sales & Marketing at The Hermitage Hotel for thirteen years, Janet saw change significantly.

Utilizing the knowledge she learned at a property level, Janet has helped her clients increase revenues as much as 60% year over year. She has used industry knowledge, nimbleness and an overall results oriented approach to managing projects and gaining revenue for her clients.